Thursday, June 05, 2008

This Is Not Really About Anything, But People Complain If I Wait Too Long Between Posts

Maggie can say more words now -- "hi", "bye", "hat", "peek-a-boo", "cheese" .... there are probably more that I am forgetting. She is ushering in her second year of life with more walking, although she still relys on crawling (or this weird baby-elephant walk you can see in the picture) for most of her transportation needs. I am actually hoping that she starts strolling more soon, because she is getting really heavy. The other night, Max and Ian were playing a video game, and Maggie kept repeatedly requesting to be picked up, too. Ian tried juggling both children and the video game controller, but things were going poorly for both his virtual and real-life selves, and so he looked at me beseechingly. Before he could say anything, though, Max interceded. "Honey," queried Max, "can you take Maggie, please?"

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santa bell said...

Hey, I just read about Maggie's birthday party. I am really sorry that I wasn't there. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. I miss you guys, but don't worry. I will be home soon.