Saturday, June 21, 2008

So, Did We Die At The Border? Freeze To Death In The Canadian Tundra? What Happened To The Tillmans?!?

We are in Canada. We are having fun. I am having trouble with the picture uploading. It will all be sorted out shortly. Thank you for your patience. Please stand by.


granny said...

I thought for sure you had been mugged by a moose.

Jen said...

That international blogging can be tricky. Hope your trip is going well. Life here in da heights is as exciting as ever. We have stories to tell. Check out our blog for the G rated goings on and give us a call when you return for the rest.

Happy Vacationing!

Chelsa said...

there are PG goings-on in Ray-ville? Or even R rated goings on? Yikes.