Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Question: How Many Tillmans Can You Wedge In A Duck Bath?

Answer: Two

Clarified Answer: Well, sort of.

Further Clarification: If neither of them moves or breathes.

Final Answer: You can fit two Tillmans in a duck bath, but you're better off with one in the bath while the other sits on the sidelines and gets splashed.


Raging Wombat said...

It's for the best that none of these photos involved a similarly garbed (ungarbed) Ian.

Chelsa said...

If Ian had been one of the Tillmans in question, the whole equation would have had to change.

Ian said...

Didn't you get those pictures I sent you?

Anonymous said...

Hey you'd better bring duckbath II up to Canada...duckbath I has sunk into depression in the bathroom closet and needs some duckish company.