Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kate and Genna!

I guess we can't really call you "swimmies" very accurately anymore, can we? We love you and hope you enjoy your fiveliness.


granny said...

Kate and Genna, Here is a summer yummy recipe for you to make with your Mum or Dad:
Pigs in the Mud
1 tbsp instant chocolate pudding mix per child
1/4 cup milk per child
3 pink marshmallows (pigs)
Mix the pudding and milk together.
Count out the number of pigs (marshmallows) that you want to play in the mud, and put them into the mixure.
"Pig out" and enjoy!
Happy Birthday!

margaret said...

holy crap. those three girls have birthdays within two days? that must be some crazy birthday time in that family.