Thursday, November 15, 2007

With Added Bonus Shot

Maggie has graduated into a fully upright sitter. This new perspective has allowed her to more fully understand the world around her, and she will now play, by herself, for as long as it takes Max to notice and take whatever she is playing with away. (To be fair, Max almost always replaces what he takes with something else, saying "Here you go, Maggie!" quite cheerfully, as if he is offering her the less desirable toy as a favor to her. She is too little to notice that she is getting shafted, and she loves it when Max throws her even the most rudimentary scraps of attention, so everyone is happy.) The real story, though, is not so much this picture of Maggie, upright, proud, and playing a game she invented herself, called "Eat The Barn". The real story is that, while photographing her, I got jostled, but accidentally took a picture anyway, resulting in:

That's right. It's a close-up shot of the most delectably fat, roly poly baby leg in the entire universe. As my mum would say, "She's got kilt knees!"

1 comment:

granny said...

Aye, she's a bonny wee bairn!