Thursday, November 08, 2007

Through The Looking Glass

I introduced Maggie to Mirror Maggie today, and watching her, I thought about how bizarre the whole reflection thing must seem to her. She doesn't know that the baby in the mirror is just a reflection. I wonder what she thinks is actually going on. A portal to another world? An evil twin we never told her about? And how, seriously HOW, does that other baby have the exact same clothes, an identical mama, and all the same moves made at all the same times? What mad experiment with reality has poor Maggie stumbled upon? While I could not read her thoughts, her expressions throughout the mirror encounter indicate that her moods ranged thusly:

Initial fascination, tinged with fear.

Followed by wonder and delight. Her little feet were kicking like mad, and she let out a whole string of high-pitched cackles.

Eventually, however, Maggie grew wary. Who was this baby, really? What were her true motives? Were her identical movements intended to be flattering, or mocking?

Eventually, the mystery and excitement became overwhelming, and Maggie appealed to me for aid and succor. Actually, right after this picture was taken, she started to cry, and needed immediate removal from the whole wacky mirror scene. You can only tolerate your reality being toyed with for so long before your mind starts to bend, and you need a little nurse and a nap.

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granny said...

Who needs TV dramas when we have the Magic Number? This is Emmy award winning writing and photo journalism. Thank you...what did we do for entertainment before?