Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear Santa,

Hi, Santa! It's me, Chelsa. How's it going? How's Mrs. Claus? Listen, I know you're pretty busy this time of year, and I don't want to take up precious time that you need to train reindeer, or supervise toy assembly, or whatever. I just thought that, if you or any of your elves were Christmas shopping for Max or Maggie, you might want to be aware of the following:

*If you are getting or making clothing, bear in mind that a Tillman baby is a robust specimen of babyhood. Max wears at least a size 4T, and Maggie is in the twelve-month size for most clothing.

*Maggie does not have enough hair to support a hair bow or barrette, and I am fundamentally against headbands that are not holding any actual hair back out of the eyes, or the kind of barrettes that stick on the baby's head with sticky goo. I am sorry, but everyone has to be guided by their principles, and one of mine is that you don't wear hair apparel until you have hair.

*Neither of them really need toys, and our apartment is already overflowing. Max enjoys writing, so ABC books or puzzles would be good, as would art supplies. Maggie is mostly interested in milk-drinking, and I've got that covered. She does like music, and she is very into crawling towards and then biting things, so I hope that helps.
Santa, I know that you keep meticulous lists of everyone's size, needs, and interests, and I certainly don't mean to bore you with details that you already know. I also know that you rely on a certain amount of outsourcing, however, so maybe you can pass this note along to whatever Fry/Ailman/Tillmans you have helping you choose and purchase items. I hope that you are finding time to relax a little this holiday season, Santa. Remember to take time for you, too, okay? Get a massage or something. Talk to you soon!


Santa Bell said...

Santa Bell will help out. He's been watching and waiting for the opportunity.

Chelsa said...


Anonymous said...

As a semi official elf for these past years i think i got the message and will pass it along to Santa. Nudge Nudge wink wink

Grandpa Al

Santa said...

I got a great deal on toys from China so expect many. They are so brightly colored!