Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Big, Stripey Slice Of Adorable

Every now and then, you find a baby outfit that elevates your already freakishly adorable baby to heights of cuteness that make the very angels weep. This morning, Ian and I found that outfit.

Maggie knows how to play it cool. She looks like a very small, very round cheeked gangsta. It is not the first time such a tendency has come to light.

It is worth noting that this outfit is a 12-18 month size, which is why we haven't unleashed it on the world sooner. We did not imagine that it would fit our 6 month old daughter. However, an epic poop-in-the-pants-athon this morning left us with lots of laundry and few options, and we figured that she could swim around in a too-big outfit while we washed her other stuff. And, lo and behold, it fits perfectly.

In other news, Maggie seems to be trying to stand up. She will do push-ups that lift her hindquarters up to the very tips of the toes, push off the ground, and then face-plant into the carpet. While I am sorry for her frustration at not walking (and she does get very frustrated), I cannot say I am in support of my six-month old learning to walk. I am still trying to cope with the ramifications of Max having learned how.


granny said...

Both of your children wear stripes well (-:

Ixchelle said...

she is so cute I want to eat her up.