Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skeletons In The Digital Camera Closet

I had BIG plans for today's blog post, people. I was going to tell you all about how Maggie has learned a new baby sign ("more"), with photos of her signing it as proof. I was going to tell you about how Max and Maggie seem to have gotten past their sibling angst, at least for now, and are playing together in new and exciting ways, with photos of them being cute together as proof. I was also going to discuss the awesome french toast cut out with cookie cutters breakfast I made for Max this morning, securing my place in the Mama Hall Of Fame and tricking Max into eating three eggs and two pieces of toast and a banana, with lip-smacking pictures of the whole breakfast as proof. However, we will not be discussing any of those things, because Ian has apparently stolen the camera and taken it to work with him. I was therefore reduced to hunting through our computer files for old pictures that I could blog about, and during my hunt, I discovered this disturbing sequence:

Three things have become really clear to me since viewing these pictures. First, I have got to get rid of that godforsaken Alien action figure. Clearly, its presence is unhealthy for all of us. Secondly, Ian must not, under any circumstances, be permitted to use the camera unsupervised ever again. Thirdly, and most importantly, I have clearly not been offering Ian a long and detailed enough to-do list, and the poor lamb has been reduced to filling his time any way he can. Don't fret, though; I can remedy that problem easily.

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margaret said...

i have things ian can do too, should he run out of things at your house.