Monday, March 10, 2008

In Which Chelsa Raises An Irate Fist To The Heavens And Curses Daylight Saving Time

I have composed the following letter, which I plan to deliver as soon as I figure out how to time travel:
Dear Mr. Willett,
Hi there. My name is Chelsa. Obviously we have never met, since you died 62 years before I was born. It is, therefore, shocking that you have managed to impact my life so negatively, and to instill so much bitterness and rancor for you in my heart. Right now (always supposing that I have used the time travel device correctly), you are getting ready to propose an idea which will eventually become Daylight Saving Time. Wikipedia tells me that you came up with this idea after observing with dismay how much of the glorious summer daylight was wasted by so many people. Kudos on your active and nature-loving lifestyle. You know what, though? Some people enjoy sleeping in. Also, and even more importantly, some people have small children, and those small children do not understand your elaborate dance of the clocks, and therefore end up going to bed really, really, really late at night. And then the daylight that you so want us to enjoy is instead spent in a crabby and sleep-deprived fog. So thanks for your busybodyish need to force us all to get out there and seize the daylight, but no thank you. Please reconsider putting out pamphlets or otherwise endorsing changing the clocks to match the seasons. History will thank you.


Jabbertrack said...

I always heard it was Franklin, as the article suggests is often the case

It's interesting that both men had similar reasoning: cheerfulness, productivity, and a savings in artificial light generation.

Chelsa said...

Yeah. Interesting. Also a bit tragic, really, when you contemplate that the exact opposite is the result of Daylight Saving Time -- we are crabby, foggy-brained, and we stay up way later than usual, using more artificial light. You suck, Willett and Franklin.

Kristie said...

Are you kidding? Now my kids get up at 6 or 6:30 instead of 5 or 5:30. Much easier to get up when the first digit on the clock doesn't say 5.

As for them staying up late, if they are still sleeping in cribs (aka "cages"), they can go to bed at whatever time is most convenient for you. Just make sure you have the tv remote so you can jack up the sound to drown out their crying.