Friday, March 07, 2008

Imaginary Friends (Or Violent Adversaries)

Max has been exploring his inner thespian recently. His play is much more elaborate and creative than ever before, and he has begun playing and conversing with stuffed animals, action figures, and altogether made-up beings. Everyone, good or evil, seems to like drinking tea. Last night, Ian was commenting on Max's newly vivid imaginative play. He said, "It's funny, because so much of his play incorporates Star Wars or Superman or stuff that I've shown Max, and that he knows I like. You can really see how you imprint your kids' inner lives, and how so much of how they think and what they like comes from you." (Disclaimer, because I know Ian will complain: This is not a direct quote. I can't remember exactly what he said, but this is the gist.) We both reflected sentimentally on the wonder of parenthood for a moment, and then Max called, from the other room, "Dada! Lotta lotta Darth Vaders! Shoot them! For the kill!" The tender moment ended with Ian receiving a lecture on appropriate and non-violent games to share with your two-year old.

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