Thursday, December 27, 2007

So, Just What Did The Tillmans Do With Their Christmas?

Merry Two Days After Christmas! I have been lectured harshly, by a number of sources, about my lateness in documenting our Christmas experience, and I am sorry (Granny). We did a lot, and we got a lot of presents, and so we were tired and busy. Anyway, here is what we did, and how we looked doing it:

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house, and my mum was very excited about having Max sleep in their room with them. She set up a little bed for him, and we talked extensively about spending the night with Granny and Gramps in the days leading up to Christmas. Max went to sleep in his little camp bed relatively easily, and he was very excited about the prospect of sleeping with Granny and Gramps. He did wake up about midway through the night and freak out a little, not knowing where he was or where I was, so he spent about half the night in bed with Ian and I. My mum has designed a rigorous training program, the goal of which is to get Max comfortable spending the night with them so that she can steal him from us and keep him with her always. We will now be frisking her before and after all visits.

Maggie could care less what bed she sleeps in, as long as food is accessible at all hours. She celebrated her first Christmas by popping out her first visible tooth (lower left front, to be exact), and pooping in three new fleece outfits, one right after another. I almost gave her her first solid foods for Christmas dinner, but I backed out at the last minute. I have been so loving the nursing thing, I am reluctant to introduce other foods yet. With the tooth, and the growing, and the obvious wish to explore the world of chewing, I will have to do it soon, but I am putting it off as long as possible.

Santa came! I am pretty sure that he threw his back out delivering all Max and Maggie's loot. Poor Santa.

We took a break from present opening to eat breakfast.

Gramps made pancakes, which, as you can see from Max's expression, required serious and undivided focus.

Maggie did not eat pancakes (see above: selfish mother represses child), but she sat at the table and banged on toys while we ate.

And then, back to the presents.

Max got an electronic drum set from my Uncle Chris and Aunt Robin. I have not yet decided on the appropriate vengeance.

Maggie was a bit baffled by the gifts. They were crinkly, which was kind of fun, but none of them made milk, and so her interest quickly waned.

Yeah, yeah, thanks for the socks. Now, how about if we all quit acting crazy and make with the milk!?!

So, how was your Christmas? Or holiday of choice? Or non-denominational Tuesday? Or whatever?


Jabbertrack said...

the 25th, for us at least, was pretty nice because we got to stay in one spot

all I know is that next year things are going to be different... we are either staying home... or going to one destination only

granny said...

I guess I will just have to wear deeper pockets (-: