Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quoth The Maggie

Maggie said her first word yesterday. I was in the kitchen, and Maggie followed me over, found her way blocked by the baby gate, and piteously cried, "Mama! Mamamamama!" I know that babies start babbling around this age, and an argument could be made that Maggie does not realize what these particular syllables mean. I know better, though. She says "Mama" all the time now, but only when she wants me or wants to be picked up by me. Sadly, the cuteness of her baby voice saying 'mama' is such that I am now utterly under her spell, and will be doing whatever she wants until the wonder of it wears off. Which, in my experience with Max, happens around the age of Never.


granny said...

Two very kissable faces!

Chelsa said...

Look at the cheeks! The CHEEKS! (Maggie's, not mine. You can look at mine, too, I guess, but I've got nothin' on Maggles.)