Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot More Like Christmas

We have finally finished our Christmasification. We got our tree last night, after an epic journey around the world in search of the perfect one. I allowed sense to overcome romance, and we opted for a little tree, but a bigger and better little tree than last year's model. Max was thrilled with every part of the tree decorating process. Thrilled. One of the best things about this Christmas is Max's ability to really respond and participate. Ian and I are getting to pass on our traditions, and rediscover the excitement and magic of this time of year. I sound like a cheesy Hallmark card now, so I think I'll stop, but Christmas is just a really nice time of year to have young children around.

Maggie is not quite as cognisant of all the goings-on, but she was fascinated by the tree. She touched it and stared at it for at least 30 seconds before trying to eat it.

Max kept reminding Maggie "No touch tree, Maggie!", despite having difficulty living by this rule, himself.

These pictures make me kind of teary-eyed. These two beautiful people are ours! It is so strange to think that last year at this time, Maggie wasn't even here yet. I can't imagine what our family did without her.

The finished product. Although Max apparently didn't think it was quite finished, because if you look in the lower left-hand corner of this picture, you can see his hand, cheerfully violating his own "No touch tree!" rule. Hypocrite.

Hi, Ian. I'll be seeing you soon!


Allan said...

It's wonderful to see your beautiful family enjoying the season. I wish i could be there also. Am there in spirit if not in body.

What is this last bit "Frosty Bell" and the two Elves? (Santa Bell's cousin?)


Jessi Fry said...

Ahh seem to be getting into the festvities very well...with one exception. Where is the infamous Santa Bell?

Chelsa said...

Santa Bell was last seen in the company of my mother, which means that he is probably somewhere at our house now. I am feeling a bit worried about when and where he'll surface, actually.

Santa Bell said...

I think it is wonderful that I am being remembered during the holidays by family and friends. I have been busy busy busy. I'm sorry that I have not been able to spend more time with you, but as you know, this is a rather frantic time of the year for me. Don't you pout though, I will be with you soon enough. Ho Ho Ho

Chelsa said...

Listen, Bell. I've told you before that you are NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT on our private bloggy territory. I am not afraid to sick Frosty on you.

Santa Bell said...

Chelsa, I am worried about you. Perhaps the stress of the holidays is getting to you. It is very naughty to say such threatening things to me. You know, Santa Claus and I are real tight. One word from me and you can expect nothing more than coal in your stocking and beans for dinner.