Friday, December 28, 2007

More Merry Max Mayhem

Max got this shirt for Christmas, and I couldn't quite fit it into yesterday's narrative, and yet I couldn't quite leave it out altogether, either. First of all, everyone loves a shirt that offers up a big Canadian shout out. And secondly, for some reason, Max thought that this shirt had long sleeves until he put it on, and he was confused by its inability to cover his elbows. He said, "Shirt broken. I don't like it shirt," while trying to pull the sleeves down, and his reproachful face has been captured on film for the world to enjoy. So, enjoy, World! With this particular expression on his face, he reminds me deeply of my mum when I was young and she was unhappy with me.


penny said...

It shows that even though we are buried in the winter snow, we can still brave a short sleeved shirt. Gotta LOVE the pride of Canada...wear it proudly Max :)

granny said...

Cheeky Mama....can you see my expression now?

margaret said...

okay. i realize that this is the lamest way to communicate ever, but i seem to have lost your e-mail addresses-- am in town and would love to see the tillman four. (it just doesn't seem like christmas without you!) any chance we can make that happen?