Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can You Defy The Laws Of Physics In Your Sleep? Max Can.

Yes, despite the fact that this position seems to defy both comfort and gravity, Max is really, truly asleep in this picture. No, I am not joking.

He seemed as confused as I was as to how such a thing could happen. When he woke up I said, "Hey, how was your sleep?" and he said groggily, "Sleep? Max sleep bench?" I agreed that this was how it had gone down, and he blinked at me in quiet bafflement for several long moments before requesting milk.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note to say how nice it is to get to see the goings on at the Tillman residence. While i have never had any trouble napping in odd places (movies,parks,beaches, etc.) i have yet to master the piano bench.
Lack of snow notwithstanding (in California i mean) I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. We all miss you very much.

Season's Greetings from the Great "WHITE" (and i mean WHITE) North.
Grandpa Al