Sunday, April 29, 2007

Speck: Uncontested Champion of Fetal Heavyweight Division

My friend Andrea and I have been pregnant together twice, now -- her third baby, Julia, was born three months before Max, and is his future bride. Since Andrea was due ahead of me last time, and since her first babies were twins, Fetal Max and I were quite overshadowed in the pregnant belly girth department. This time, however, as you can see, it is a different story. Speck is due about three months ahead of her future friend (who is as yet unnamed), and she is a larger and more prominent fetus than her big brother. Even Andrea, who is a wonderfully tactful friend who has the gift of making people feel better about themselves than they did before she came into the room, had to marvel at my distended stomach. Truly, Speck is now larger by far not only than Andrea's unborn child, but than Andrea or I, too, and she is not due until a month from tomorrow. While Andrea and I were treating ourselves to pedicures yesterday, Speck spent her time quietly gloating over her triumph, and reflecting on future victories that are sure to be hers when she finally emerges.

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granny said...

Baby belly bumper cars...this could be the beginning of a new fad.