Monday, April 23, 2007

Five Weeks Left (And Space Is At A Premium)

Well, this is officially the most pregnant I have ever been. (And, possibly, the least comfortable.) Speck has now outlasted her brother in the land of uterus by exactly four hours and counting. I must admit, I have been approaching this point in the pregnancy with a lot of anxiety, and I am really excited that Speck and I have passed this landmark together. Should Speck have a change of heart, however, Ian and I are as ready as it is possible to be. Since we had nothing ready last time (quite literally -- we had no crib yet, nothing prepared for the hospital, no system of organization for the baby clothes and gear, and our birthing class had not yet covered any actual labor and delivery techniques), we are attempting to learn from our former last-minuteness. Our overnight bag is packed, the nursery is ready, the camera battery is charged, we have plans A, B, C, and D ready to roll into action for Max's safety and well-being while we are bringing Speck forth, and all our registration stuff is done at the hospital. Now, just for spite, watch Speck torture me by coming two weeks late. Fetuses, in my experience, have an unpredictable sense of timing and an inconvenient sense of humor. Mine do, at least.


granny said...

Unless Speck is a high diver, I think she has made herself quite comfortable (at her mama's expense) for the duration. The sense of humour, I am sure is inherited.

Jean said...

Maybe she would like to take after cousin Joey and come 2 weeks late! Hopefully she will be in between being as early as Max and as late as Joey!

Chelsa said...

Mostly, of course, I want her to come when she is ready and will be healthy. For my own personal comfort, however, I wouldn't mind at all if that day came somewhere around week 38.