Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

For some reason, I dismissed out of hand the idea of Max being old enough to participate in an Easter Egg hunt this year. I had a whole talk with my mum about how much I was looking forward to next year, when Max could take an active role in some of our Easterly traditions. At a family party on Friday, however, my aunt brought a bunch of plastic eggs for Max to search for, filled with crackers and cereal puffs instead of candy, and set them out around the yard for Max to find. He loved it so much, and participated for so long, that I was made to feel ashamed of my underestimation of him. Luckily, Max has other relatives than me, and they apparently give him more credit. Thanks, Aunt Susie!

Once Max was tired of finding his own Easter Eggs, he began stealing the hard-won eggs of others. My cousin Holly was very gracious, and allowed Max to bully her out of each and every egg she had found. (Of course, she also may have been somewhat more immune to the allure of baby cereal bits than Max.)

Max gloated over his loot for awhile, shaking the eggs, opening and closing them, and counting them up so he could calculate just how much eggy treasure he had his hands on.

His victory gave him the necessary confidence to successfully cruise for ladies later that evening. (Okay, they're all related to him, but they are lovely, and older women, to boot!)

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granny said...

It was a fun day. And Max certainly was handsome sporting his freshly cut new hair style.