Monday, April 09, 2007


Max has had this thing with symmetry lately -- if he has a cup in one hand, he wants a cup in the other hand, too. If he gives Ian a kiss or a hug, he has to give me one right after. If he is holding hands with someone on the left, he wants a second friend or relation flanking the right. He was escorted to the car after Easter festivities by his dad on one side and his gramps on the other, and they looked so cute walking three-in-a-row that I wanted to capture the moment on camera. Of course, as soon as I asked them all to slow down so I could take the picture, Max got mad and started to cry, so the picture is somewhat marred by his pained expression. It is still cute, however, and so I regret nothing.

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Jabbertrack said...

The two wives thing is going to be tricky... but there's always Utah.