Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sea Of Femininity

Ian's sister and her little boy came to town this weekend, and we had a small celebration for the impending Speck. Before she arrived, Ian's sister told me that she was getting out of control with her girl clothes acquiring, and Ian's mom admitted to a similar addiction, but I never realized how honest they were being until Sunday. They decided to put all their gifts together into one gift bag, and hung all the clothes from a clothesline, which I unwound from the bag an article at a time. It was a really cute idea, and it's a good thing they wrapped their gifts that way, because if they had wrapped each item individually, I would still be sitting there opening things.

At first, I was just excited by the frilly and pink stuff, which you have little opportunity to surround yourself with as the mama of a boy.

As I continued to unravel, however, I became aware that I had my hands on what may well be the world's largest collection of frilly and pink stuff that the world has ever seen, and I became slightly intimidated.

Observers of the gift-opening were forced to become participants, as the clothesline became too heavy and too long for me to manage alone.

Eventually, the fully emerged string of girl apparel stretched around the entire room twice. I think that Ian's mom and sister were even surprised at its epic length. I put everything away the next day, and I can now say with great and firm certainty that Speck is one well-stocked little lady. She has girly shirts, girly pants, girly dresses, girly jackets, girly onesies, girly blankets, girly washcloths, and even girly pink burp cloths to barf her feminine barf onto. I sure hope that ultrasound didn't lead us astray, or Max is going to have one gender-confused little brother.


Ian said...

Wow...that's a lot of pink stuff.

Chelsa said...

The boy/girl scales are once again balancing in the Tillman household!

granny said...

What could be more fun than audience participation? That was a fun filled shower. And...what a beautiful mama. I am so lucky to be your mum.

penny said...

I agree with Ian...WOW thats a lot of pink stuff..hahaha

Ant Jean said...

I am glad you enjoyed the shower! It was great to see you, Max and Ian! Max is welcome to try on any of the clothes if he wants!

Chelsa said...

Max hasn't been too interested in trying on the clothes (that would violate his "no clothing except socks" rule), but he has been taking them out of the drawers, holding them out to me, and saying, "Baby? Baby?" Oh, it's cute.