Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Attack Of The Big-Headed Baby!!!!

Speck's due date is exactly six weeks from today. We had a midwife appointment on Tuesday, which was somewhat more involved than the usual check-up. Because we have now arrived at the week of pregnancy in which Max left his fetus-hood behind, our midwife decided to do a number of tests that would normally be done closer to the end, just in case Speck is similarly impatient. Among these tests (most of which involved prodding me in a number of unpleasant ways that I feel no need to dwell on the details of) was an ultrasound, to make sure that Speck is in the correct position for birthing. I was really excited about the bonus ultrasound, because I have never gotten to see an ultrasound of a baby this far along in the pregnancy before. It was really difficult to make out any individual Speck parts this time around, because she is so smooshed up in there, but we did get a couple of shots of the head, which is, in fact, pointed the correct way for emergence, although still high enough that the midwife did not think that we needed to ready ourselves for an immediate Speck appearance. I know that this picture is blurry and unclear, so allow me to clarify it for you. It is all head! Last time, you could fit an entire Speck body into the camera frame, but now there is no room for anything but cranium. Why does this disturb me? If you are asking yourself this question, you need to review the mechanics of giving birth.


penny said...

I'm sure the head looks MUUUUCH bigger than it really is, you know when things are in closed spaces they look bigger. Well one can hope anyways.

Chelsa said...

Yeah, I don't know. Max's head has always been big ... they actually did an ultrasound on it when he was about 1, just to make sure that there wasn't a problem with it, it was so big. I think it may just be a Tillman thing.

Ian said...

Yes, we Tillmans are descended from Charlie Brown. It is a wonder we can even support our heads in earth's gravity.