Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Them Tillman Boys

Several things in this picture point to the fact that Ian is a great dad. 1)It is really early in the morning when this picture was taken, and Ian is still visibly happy to see and play with Max. 2)Both Ian and I hate this book deeply (it has appeared before on our blog), and yet Ian is voluntarily reading it to Max, who loves it. 3)Ian is snuggling with Max, despite the fact that this is first thing in the morning, and Max has yet to have his diaper changed. Ian was slightly reluctant to have his picture taken so soon after waking up, but I want us to always be able to remember these moments, when the bond between Max and Ian is so visible and so amazing to see.


Jabbertrack said...

Ian would read me stories at the old apartment. It helped me get to sleep when I had too much Mt Dew.

Chelsa said...

I actually don't remember you sleeping that much at that apartment, even with the soothing stories Ian would tell you. I remember getting up to go to the bathroom at, like 3 am, and you waving from your computer desk in your room, and then still being there when I went to work at 7.

Raging Wombat said...

I wish Ian would read more to me, too. I'll admit to feeling more than a bit jealous.