Monday, January 01, 2007

Here's To You!

Happy New Year, Everybody! Ian, Max, Speck and I spent New Year's Eve with my parents at their house, where I was outlasted by everyone in the energy department. I made it to twelve, barely, through sheer will alone. Seriously, it was embarrassing. Ian was only slightly more lively, but then he had some coffee to help him prop his eyes open, which is an option currently closed to me. Speck was jumping around doing goodness knows what the whole night, Max stayed awake, very determinedly, until eleven, and then woke again at twelve, and my parents were still partying down with my aunt and uncle when we left at 12:02. During the evening's festivities, Max learned a new word -- "Cheers!". Saying it and clinking his sippy cup up against everyone's glass has replaced eating as the awesomest thing to do at the dinner table. We must have toasted one anther's good health seventy-two times today alone.

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