Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Burning Question Of Speck's Gender: Place Your Bets!

Our ultrasound is now less than a week away, and we are officially opening the polls. Do you think Speck is a boy or a girl? Cast your votes, and then check back in on Tuesday to see if you won! (Again, to be clear, we are not offering cash or prizes of any kind, other than the satisfaction of a correct guess.)

He-Speck or She-Speck?
He-Speck (boy)
She-Speck (girl)
One of each (secretly twins!)
Ultrasound unclear, you will wallow in ignorance.
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Jabbertrack said...

Where is the option for "Druid"

Celtic god said...

Well, obviously, it'll be a druid either way.

Margaret said...

so i have a question. you ask us to guess speck's gender. sex is biologically determined as in male or female (who has what part). but gender really refers to how a person (or a speck) feels inside. so are there opportunities to vote for boy sex but girl gender? or vice versa? a little clarification would help.

Speck said...

Look, Margaret, let's figure out which parts I have, and then delve into the whole issue of how I feel about the parts in question. My mom says that even the most modern ultrasound equiptment is probably not sophisticated enough to determine whether I am at peace with my gender and its implications in our society, and thank goodness. Who wants there to be a machine that allows parents to see the innermost secrets of my fetal soul? Not me, that's for sure.