Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quesadillas Of Love

Our plan to forge an alliance with our friends The Lindsays, through the marriage of our respective offspring, seems to be going swimmingly. While we were eating dinner together last night, we beheld Max and Julia, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes and exchanging slimy, partially chewed pieces of quesadilla. I was getting worried for awhile there -- Max and Julia hit a rough patch in their relationship when Julia became mobile before Max, and used her advantage in speed and dexterity to put him in his place on a couple of occasions. Now that Max is equally upright, and significantly larger, they seem to be back on track, and last night's romantic dinner put my fears to rest. Max even offered Julia milk out of his sippy cup, and, like a gentleman, held the cup for her while she drank. Max loves his milk deeply, and usually yells baby obscenities at anyone who tries to take a sippy cup from him, so this gesture is extremely significant. There is nothing quite so beautiful as young love in bloom, is there?


Raging Wombat said...

That was a beautiful moment, indeed. Max comported himself with the proper respect due one to one of my offspring. He is a fine lad.

My only concern is that Julia is awfully forward. That is a different can of worms.

Chelsa said...

all the more reason to marry her off young.