Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Halfway There, Baby!

I am twenty weeks pregnant today, which puts Speck and I at the official halfway point. (Always supposing that Speck doesn't come out early, like certain older siblings, or stay in there past his/her due date, which is exactly the perverse kind of thing that Speck would do.) I am feeling pretty good -- this is the golden eye of the pregnancy storm, where I am past the morning sickness, round enough to be definitively pregnant-looking, but not yet so pregnant that I can't see my feet. Max has called me "ball" at least twice, which makes me sad, mostly because it is somewhat apt. Speck continues to expand alarmingly, and seems to be feeling increasingly sassy in there. He/she is quite wiggly now, especially at night or if I lie down. In exactly one week, we will get our glimpse of him/her, and hopefully we will be able to see whether he/she is a he or a she, and get rid of the / in future posts. We will be posting a boy/girl poll the week of the ultrasound, so be thinking about your bets. You don't win money if you're right, but you do get the warm glow that accompanies correctness. Current theories still favor a She-Speck.


granny said...

I am still going with the "research-based" scientific test of the needle and the string = girl.

Chelsa said...

The needle and the string seemed a little uncertain this last time.