Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Max Joins The Justice League

Ian was very insistant that Max needed some superhero action figures for Christmas this year. I agreed because they weren't expensive, but I privately thought that the only one actually playing with Batman and Superman would probably be Ian. I was greatly mistaken. Apparently, the tidal pull of Ian's love for Superman is part of Max's genetic code. Max carries his action figures around constantly, one in each hand, and has begun humming the Superman theme song under his breath. (Or rather, he makes humming sounds which, with imagination, very vaguely resemble The Superman Theme Song, but he only makes this particular set of noises while carrying Superman, which aids our understanding of what he is singing.)

Ian has shown Max how Superman flies around (I was wrong about Ian being the only one who plays with the actions figures, but I was not wrong about Ian playing with the action figures), and Max has begun attempting flight, himself. This is accompanied by a high-pitched shrieking sound, which he seems to think will help him become airborne. So far, his launches have failed to get him off the ground, but keep your eye on the skies.


Ian said...

I am simply attempting to demonstrate to Max the correct way one should play with a Superman action figure. What will be great is when he starts making Batman creep along in the shadows.

granny said...

I hope he is not neglecting his surrogate Speck in favour of all this manly play.

Chelsa said...

No, no. He was rocking it and kissing/biting it on the face last night. He had Superman in his other hand, though.