Sunday, October 29, 2006

Photo Ops

You know how, when you're little, there is a whole list of things that your parents do to irritate you that you know you will never do? And then, somehow, being a parent totally mutates you into a person who does each and every thing on the list? For me, as the daughter of a photographer (and an eccentric photographer to boot), I was frequently photographed in awkward positions, with the sun in my eyes, feigning a wide range of emotions while really all I felt was aggravated that the sun was in my eyes. I always believed that I would not allow this cycle of cruelty to continue. And yet ...

Here we have Max at the playground yesterday. He is happy on the swing at first, and downright adorable with his tuft wafting in the breeze. It's the perfect time for a picture.

He is so adorable, in fact, that even when he begins visibly reaching out, requesting exodus from the swing, I try to convince him that he is still having fun so that I can get the perfect shot from the perfect angle.

Next we move on to a bouncy tractor ride. Again, Max is intrigued initially, and even makes some 'vroom' sounds while bouncing.

Ultimately, the tractor's lack of stability is troubling to Max. My desire to photograph him in the tractor long outlives his desire to be in the tractor. I try saying 'vroom' to renew his interest. My vrooming falls on deaf ears.

By the time we move over to the horsey, Max is not even initially receptive. Look at his expression of barely contained terror! When will this torment be over?

Granny and Gramps (who are also snapping pictures at a furious rate) try to rally the troops. The troops take things into their own hands and try to shimmy down the side of the horsey, when they see that no aid and succor is being offered.

This plane ends up being the most successful playground toy, and Max's enjoyment lasts the longest on it. Perhaps this is because it's less springy and therefore more stable than the other toys. Or perhaps it is because Max labors under the impression that he can use it to pilot himself away from his family and onward to safety. I wonder what will be on Max's list of things that I do to irritate him that he will never do to his kids? Other than this day, I mean.


granny said...

Perhaps the many references to the size of one's nogin will be on the top 10 "never do's" list for Max as a parent?

Chelsa said...

Or the incessant photographing and web-publishing of his naked bum.

Anonymous said...

thankfully my mother got into photography later in life and by then I could overpower her

Raging Wombat said...

Oh the things we do.