Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bottomless Pit

Well, its official. As of this morning, Max now eats the most of anyone in the family. For breakfast today, he consumed an entire banana, a peanut-butter and jam sandwich, a yo baby yogurt (peach flavor), and a string cheese. I won't tell you exactly what Ian or I ate, but neither of us even came close to that. Ian's sister always used to complain that there was never any food in the house during Ian's teenage years. I always thought she was exaggerating slightly, but I see now that she was telling the simple truth. Ian and I have plans to discuss taking out a loan to pay for groceries with a bank officer later this week. Max won't be a teenager for a while, but I feel that it is good to lay the groundwork for the future.


Anonymous said...

Did you change your feed settings? (ask Ian)

I can remember having CRAZY cravings when I was about 13. For a while I was on a peproncini kick and I would eat jars of them. I specifically remember grossing people out at my step-brother's wrestling match because when I was done with the jar I drank the juice.

Raging Wombat said...

Did Goblin slip him some catnip and induce the munchies?

Chelsa said...

Silly Justin. Goblin would NEVER share catnip with anyone, let alone the hairless tail-pulling house-monkey. Mike -- I did ask Ian, and he laughed but did not explain.