Sunday, October 01, 2006

Adventures In Maxness

Max is definitely developing his own perspective on the universe. His sense of humor has gone from juvenile but easily understandable (funny faces and sounds, etc.), to being entirely his own and often baffling to his parents. Last night, he laughed for twenty minutes because he smacked the dinner table and I said, "bang bang bang!" And I'm talking knee-smacking, eye-tearing, face-reddening laughter. I think of myself as reasonably funny, but I wouldn't call that the moment when my comedic genius peaked. He has also started making strange faces, seemingly with the intention of making us laugh. This is the latest weird expression. Ian calls it the 'Stiff Upper Lip' face. I call it the 'Popeye'. His sense of humor may be too advanced for us.

When his stand-up routine is over for the evening, Max likes to stretch out, relax, and climb stuff. The rocking chair is his newest conquest, and it is an especially delicious triumph if there is clean laundry to be kicked/thrown/pushed out of the way.

Hmmm ... I wonder why the cats never want to sit in this chair anymore? It's weird. I'm going to go pull their tails and then ask them.

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