Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Max and Maggie usually nap in the big bed, and it is a precious and increasingly infrequent day when they both nap simultaneously. It has occurred to Maggie, somewhere along the way, that if she stays up while Max naps, she can play with whatever she wants and have unlimited Mama time, and these facts strike her as appealing. Occasionally, when they do nap together, I will leave them sleeping and go frolic in the other room -- you know, I'll go to the bathroom without an audience, or I'll eat lunch without other people's hands in my food -- I am unstoppably devil-may-care like that. I always keep the door a bit open, though, so I can keep my eye on the napping duo. They have been known to wake each other up, and Maggie in particular has to be watched closely, because she thinks that she knows how to get out of the big bed by herself but she is sadly mistaken. The other day, I peeked in at them, and saw that Maggie had rolled over, Max had flung out an arm, and that my two beauteous children were holding hands in their sleep. By the time I got the camera, they had shifted slightly, so that Max is technically holding Maggie's elbow, but I took the picture anyway. Not only is it still cute, but I like having photographic evidence of them napping at the same time, so that I can sigh over it longingly on days when one of them naps and the other one watches me go pee and then puts their hands in my salad.

p.s. I know it looks like Maggie is being smothered by the pillow, but she's not -- I checked. And then I checked again. And then, five minutes later, I checked again. And then, eventually, I just moved the pillow. I woke her up, of course, but safety first.


granny said...

Not only cute, but nice colour coordination with Maggie's shirt and the bedding (-:

Anonymous said...

I hear the Tillmans are coming to Canada once again. Although I resent being ditched in the upstairs bathroom of the Fry house (they neglect me), I look forward to seeing how much my old friend Max has grown and possibly meeting the newest Tillman.

Yours in bitterness,
The abandoned inflatable duckbath.