Thursday, May 01, 2008

The House Always Wins

When Maggie was around eight months old, we began speculating, for lack of anything better to do, about when she would walk. Since she seemed to be on the developmental fast track, I predicted that her first steps were imminent. My mother, who is contrary by nature, disagreed, and a semi-friendly wager was proposed. I bet that Maggie would take her first steps by nine months, and be a full-fledged walker by ten months. My mum bet first steps at ten months. We observed keenly as Maggie pulled to stand, started cruising from furniture piece to furniture piece, and then -- sort of plateaued there. Nine months passed. Ten months passed. When Maggie hit eleven months old, we were forced to admit the bitter truth: we had both lost. If you are thinking of throwing your own chips onto the table, though, I am sorry to tell you that the game is now closed. Maggie took her first step this morning, at eleven months, nine days, and eleven and a half hours old. She is brilliant, and beautiful, and fantastic, and now, she is also mobile. Heads up.


granny said...

If we look at the definition of walking - it is taking steps in a forward motion so...I win, I win...she's walking at 11 months!

Chelsa said...

You LOST. We had very clearly defined terms, and no one won. Well, except for Maggie, of course. As usual.