Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Which Maggie Turns One

One year ago today, Ian and I were introduced to this be-mohawked little lady for the very first time. She was very soft, and very pink, and very determined. We liked her immediately.

One year later, Maggie is bigger, and she can do more tricks, but not much else has changed. Her hair has changed color, but she is still be-mohawked. She is still soft (except where she has built up a callous on one leg from crawling), she is still pink, and she is still very determined. And, of course, we still like her, so much that I am hoping she will let us keep her. Happy Birthday, Maggles.


auntie penny said...

Happy Birthday cute little Maggie,I look forward to meeting you before you turn 20 :)

Aunt C said...

There are few things in life better than nieces, and my first "great" niece is 1 today! I, too, hope I meet you before you're 20 (hopefully before you are 2!). Happy Birthday little niece.

Love, Great Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! I told Joey is was Maggie's birthday today and he said, "Maggie want to come to my house!" I wish we were closer by to help celebrate the big number 1! Jean

granny and gramps said...

She is indeed a keeper!
When she was one, she had just begun.
Can't wait to see what she has in store for us all this coming year.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Maggie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the girl with the million dollar cheeks!!! WE LOVE YOU MAGGIE! xo Sarah & Brian

Anonymous said...

Песенка крокодила Гены (Russian "happy birthday" song).

From Krokodil Gena

margaret the elder said...

how is that possible? happy birthday miss maggie. keep on representing!