Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Every time I make a comment like this, the gods seem to hear me and punish me for my good cheer, but Max and Maggie have been playing together beautifully lately. Maggie is finally old enough that she can participate in games, and Max has been really taking advantage of having a playmate. He invites her into his play all the time, and sometimes even gets upset if she wanders off. Last night, Max and I built a fort out of the piano bench and the Auntie Aly blankets, and Max kept lifting the blankets, peeking his tufty little head out, and squawking, "I want Maggie to come in here! Maggie, come in here, pleeeeeeease? Maggie! Mama, put Maggie in here!" Maggie was a little unsure about crawling into a low, dark cave that was dangerously full of Max's knees and elbows, but she finally took the bait. I don't know exactly what they were doing in there, but it involved much giggling. Siblings can be a pain, and I have definitely watched Max and Maggie struggle to claim privacy, space, and greater shares of attention. While their getting older and more independent is definitely bittersweet, I am so glad to see them grow into their siblinghood, and to get to a phase where they appreciate each other.

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granny said...

I know that you always want to give the credit to your children's pleasant temperaments (and they are extremely pleasant)...but you and Ian really do deserve a round of applause for your sensitive; respectful; and creative parenting skills. My heart swells with pride each time I see you with your children. It really is a joy to watch.