Sunday, May 18, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

Max to Mama: I am happy when Maggie is awake. I like to play with her because she is my friend. Maggie is a good friend. She is my favorite. Maggie has a shovel. She is hitting me. I am okay. But I don't like Maggie, Mama.


Ixchelle said...

your kids are so cute. You are so blessed.

Joshua said...

Wow. A litter box for kids! I think that is great! I am gonna have to install one of them in my laundry room. Question: Do they bury the poo on their own, or did you have to train them?
(yes, I know it has been awhile... but now I have your new phone number and summer time's a comin'.

My 6th grade is putting on a play next Thursday at 6:30pm. Kids welcome.