Sunday, May 03, 2009

Because We Need A Friendlier Dialogue On The Record

Max to Maggie: Maggie! Maggie! Come here!
Maggie: I'm Maggie.
Max: I know that, Maggie. Come in here with me! Quick!
Maggie: What are you doooing, Mac?
Max: I'm hiding. I am playing legos. Come in here quick! I want you to play in here with me.
Maggie: Okay! Sure! (doesn't move)
Max: Are you coming in here, Maggie? I want you to play with me. You are my little sister. You are learning. I am teaching you to play.
Maggie: Why?
Max: Because I love you, you silly Squeaker Toy. (laughs)
Maggie: I love you too, Mac. Kweek Toy. (laughs)


Ian said...

They are good kids, even if Maggie doesn't like to sleep very much.

Jen said...

Well she wouldn't want to miss out on something by sleeping. Apparently she is "learning how to play".

Chelsa said...

Yes, yes she is. From 2-4 a.m. I actually think she is going through a great big growth spurt. She ate 3 pieces of pizza for dinner, and then woke up at 2 claiming to be hungry.