Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today's pediatrician findings:

-30 lbs. (88th %)
-36 3/4 inches tall (99th %)
-head size: 88th %
-verbal skills of an average three year old. (The doctor asked if we had ever known her to string three or four words in a sentence, and we laughed. Because she's been doing that for nine months. Her longest sentence to date was nine words: "I want to climb in that tree now, Mama.")
-Ferocity of a thousand suns.
-Not at all a fan of shots or the parents who sold her up the river and allowed the shots to happen.

-42 lbs. (94%)
-41 1/2 inches tall (94%)
-Head size: the doctor decided not to check. It's still big, it's still bold, ultrasound confirms it's nothin' but brains in there.
-Healthy as a horse. A really healthy horse. His last trip to the doctor was over a year ago, and that was for his 3 year old check up.
-verbal skills of an average 4 year old.
-Beautifully polite and cooperative, even in the face of pokings and proddings of an extemely invasive and personal sort.

The doctor summed up the whole Tillman kid thing thusly at the end of our visit: "Well, you have nice kids. And they're very smart. And really, really tall." All true.


Raging Wombat said...

Uber indeed. I can attest to it. I, for one, count myself very fortunate to count such large and intelligent people among my friends. I would hate to have them for enemies.

BTW, none of this is the result of eugenics, is it?

Chelsa said...

Of course not. (shifty eyes)