Sunday, March 05, 2006

Play it again, Max

Well, Max is six months old now, and we figured it was high time we educate him in the arts. We expect him to be a true prodigy in music, literature, and sculpture by the time he starts school. He is already well versed in splatter painting with his own drool, and in singing in a high-pitched, scrabbly voice, so we do not think this an unrealistic goal.

Max got this swing for Christmas, but it needed batteries until about a week and a half ago. I included this picture because 1) it's really cute and 2)so Granny and Gramps, from whom the swing came, could see it in action. I know Max looks dubious here, but he does actually enjoy this contraption.

We are trying to teach Max that it is okay to nap by himself, and he seems to be agreeable, as long as he is put to bed in his mom and dad's bed. Edgar, who claimed this territory as his own long before Max entered the picture, sometimes feels a bit displaced. Generally, he is banned from the room if Max is sleeping, but he has gotten really bad about hiding under the bed and then appearing later, when our guard is down. I came in to check on Max and found, much to my surprise, that he had a nap buddy. They are even lying in the same position, for goodness sake! I let Edgar stay, and found things to do in the bedroom until Max got up. I felt too mean kicking him out when he looked so peaceful.

I know this is the second piano shot, but come on. Who could possibly resist these boys?


Jabbertrack said...

I'd be happy to teach Max my special brand of piano technique. Looks like he's on a good start though with my 'fist' move.

chelsa said...

he also has a special technique of lubricating the keys with baby drool.

Raging Wombat said...

Alright! Starting him young!

granny said...

For such a little baby, he certainly has demonstrated a remarkable wealth of talents...much like his mama and daddy.