Saturday, November 19, 2005

Max at the Store

Okay, you have waited. You have checked the page twice a day. You have written me emails demanding new pictures. The wait has been worth it.

So stuff this week. We had a new roof put on our little duplex. There was some Tar. Chelsa found the sound of the roofing and the smell of the tar to be annoying, so she came and visited me at work. So I thought to myself "Does Max like premium bedding?". Turns out that yes, yes he does. And I have proof!

Okay, so this first one is a Chatham and Wells. Handmade, with fabric from Belgium...msrp $6999.95. And yes, it is to Max's liking. But you don't have to take my word for it...

See, look how peaceful. Yes, only the finest cashmere will do for Max's refined taste. Fine mattresses and delicious breast milk make the world go round.

Of course Max is a fan of the Swedish Adjustable Deluxe Tempurpedic mattress. And he really should like retails for $6399.99.

And the best for last. When you deserve the best, what can possibly beat the comfort of the "Winnie the Pooh" brand baby carseat? The question is of course, rhetorical. Ask about King Size!

So I hope that was worth waiting for. The roofers are now gone, and Chelsa can be happy at home again. Now its time to get ready for Thanksgiving...the tastiest holiday. Until next time...



Jabbertrack said...

Max... already the bedding elitist we knew he would be.

Granpa Al said...

Great pictures Ian. Of course it's downright clever of you to use the cuteness of your son to show off the fine quality merchandise of your store. Keep the pictures coming.
Grandpa Al

Ian said...

Chelsa took so way cute ones yesterday I hope to have time to post tonight. He is starting to smile now upon occation.

Sleep Train said...

Ian, I really enjoyed your post about your child on mattresses. Have you considered the possibility of purchasing one of our products? I am sure your son would love one of our discount mattresses. After all, why get the best when you can have the rest? We match any price and will deliver for free on the same day. Yours truly,

Sleep Train asociate # 103

Ian said...

Thanks for the post "associate" 103. I didn't realize Sleeptrain TM employees had numbers. I also love how you don't feel bound by traditional spelling. Do you your way... see you Tuesday. :)