Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Girl

Now that Maggie is two, she is eligible to attend preschool with Max and I, and she had her first official school day on Tuesday. Although she is younger than Max was when he started, she has been chomping at the bit for awhile, and her first day went very smoothly. As could perhaps be predicted by anyone who knows me, I was exponentially more anxious on her behalf than she was. She just looked so very small to me, trotting around amidst all the giant four- and five-year olds. Maggie, of course, does not consider herself too small for any task or activity, up to and including wild bull taming and Mt. Everest climbing. As could perhaps be predicted by anyone who knows Maggie, within half an hour of being at school she had roped a team of five year olds into taking turns pushing her on the swing.
I am really glad that Maggie is able to come with us now. It eases up our schedule considerably -- Maggie was staying home with Ian on his days off while Max and I went to school, which meant that Ian and I were working seven days a week between the two of us. It also allows me to keep Maggie close, which is nice because I missed her desperately. I am so, so grateful that I am able to teach and bring the kids with me, so I can be there with Max and Maggie while still giving them a bit of socialization. I would be a wreak of embarrassingly epic proportions otherwise.


margaret said...

i don't think this picture could be any cuter if it tried.

and, yes, no surprise that maggie has taken charge of the "big kids".

hope school continues to be a success all around.

Jen said...

I love this photo!