Saturday, June 06, 2009

Creepy Remarks That Max Has Made In An Offhand Tone Recently:

While Brushing His Teeth:
Max: My toothbrush is poisoned, Mama! So I can't brush my teeth. Sorry.
Mama: There is no poison on your toothbrush. Just toothpaste.
Max: That's where they put the poison. They did your toothbrush, too.

While Attempting to Avoid Falling Asleep At Nap Time:
Max: Hey, Mama?
Mama: What?
Max: You know that feeling?
Mama: What feeling?
Max: You know, that feeling like someone is watching you?

At The Doctor's Office:
Max to Doctor: Doctor, my next mommy broke my next helicopter and I sat on it.
Doctor: Um ... I may need your mom to interpret that one.
Mama: I wish I could.
Doctor: So as far as you know, he hasn't had any accidents recently with broken toys?
Mama: No. Sometimes he --
Max: It didn't happen this day. My next mommy lives in my next house. When I am done here I am going to live there.


auntie penny said...

:0 I just don't know where that imagination comes from...and his next momma is a copy of you or someone else? What does is next house look like? Who are these next people anyway? Too many questions.

auntie penny said...

ok and also what is up with the nap makes me think of the sixth sense know, someone is watching me, i see dead people thingy..its all freakin me out man

Chelsa said...

I finally figured out today that the "someone watching you" thing came from the Horton Hears A Who movie that Dad sent recently. Max and I were watching it and the mayor of Whoville says that exact quote to someone. The next life thing, however, remains a mystery.