Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Sister

Max to Mama: Who is that picture of?
Mama: That's Daddy, and me, and you when you were a baby.
Max: What are we doing?
Mama: We're on vacation at the beach.
Max: Where's Maggie? Why did we not bring Maggie to the beach?
Mama: That was before Maggie was born.
Max: But where was she?
Mama: We didn't have Maggie yet. It was just you and me and Dada.
Max: WHY?
Mama: Are you getting upset?
Max (lips quivering, eyes filling up with tears): Yeah, I am getting upset, because I'm sad.
Mama: Why are you sad?
Max: Because I miss Maggie! I want her to come with us!
Mama: Well, that's why we had a Maggie. So that we could bring her places with us.
Max: Last years ago?
Mama: Um. Yeah.
Max: That's why we need Maggie to come with us, thatwise I will be sad. Because I love her.

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Jen said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest story. I felt so sad for him. Maybe it's the wee hour of the night or my tired state, but I just got all misty for him reading that. What a genuinely loving story.