Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch Your Mouth

Ian to Chelsa: What is Maggie yelling at Max about?
Chelsa: She wants him to blow more bubbles.
Ian: Oh. Is she saying, 'bubbles'?
Chelsa: Yeah.
Ian: Thank God. It sounded like she was calling him a bastard. Why does she say 'bubbles' so it sounds like 'bastards'?
Chelsa: She definitely does NOT say 'bubbles' so it sounds like 'bastards'. You are just a sick, sick man and your sickness colors everything you hear and see.
Maggie to Max in the background: More bastards, Mac? I need bastards!


Chelsa: !!!
Ian: See? You have to admit --
Chelsa: I still say you're a big sicko.


auntie penny said...

Hmmmmm....sounds like she's picking up the lingo just right to me....hehee

Jessi Fry said...

hahaha that's grand.
I also like that she's still calling him Mac. That is one particularly good weapon that we youngest children have against our siblings. I definitely called Aly owie for years.

Ian said...

I was blowing bubbles for her yesterday and she described one particularly large bubble as a "BIG bastard". It was funny.

Jen said...

Ahhh, the pronunciation of toddlers. We got many a laugh from sharing pomegranates with Mason this winter. A neighbor gave us a huge bag of them from his tree. Mason loved them and would joyously ask for more "pomedamits". Gs are still Ds, but we're working on it.