Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Edition

An original story by Max Tillman

"We won't come in" said Max said. "Until the night goes and the day comes." I love you.
Dear Mama, last years ago I said I love you.
Monsters are in it, too. Their big feet are stomping. I have big feet, too, see? But they're not monster feet.
"I love you, Max." The monsters say that.
Dear Nephew, I love you. Like in Bob The Builder, right Mama?
See the stick on my shirt here? Thatwise I am a tree.
I love you again. I like you. You're the best.
I was talking about sitting there. I like chairs. Chairs are great.
I'm a grown up. But I can't reach a lot of things.
I'm under here now.
Reindeer and Santa, I love you. Put Max all over it. I like it.
Love, Max


Jen said...

He is quite the little author. I love it. We got Ian's message and your comment the other day, thanks for thinking of us. We will be in touch soon. Miss you guys.

Granny said...

Last years ago his mama wrote stories like that. Thatwise they are both great authors.