Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Little New Year's Surrealism

Max to Mama: Donald Pink is at my next house. He lives there. You can go and see him.
Mama: Thanks. Who is Donald Pink?
Max: He's my friend. He has hair, you know?
Mama: Pink hair?
Max: No, Mama.
Mama: Why is he called Donald Pink?
Max: Sorry, I can't talk about it.
Mama: Why?
Max: He's named my next cousin.
Mama: So why is he called Donald Pink? Is he pink?
Max: No.
Mama: Does he wear a lot of pink?
Max: He doesn't.
Mama: So why is he called Donald Pink?
Max: He isn't called that.
Mama: I ... I don't really know where to take this conversation from here.
Max: Yeah.


Granny said...

Too much confetti on the brain will do that (-:

Anonymous said...

The Greatest Philosophers of History are often misunderstood

auntie penny said...

this boy is going to be a famous writer, or director, or both. mark my words, his imagination is the gift that books and movies are made of. happy new year all :)

Chelsa said...

After we read your comment, Auntie Penny, Ian and I spent an amusing few minutes imagining Max as a famous writer/director/star in the life changing epic "Donald Pink" franchise. I'm not sure the world is ready.

Auntie Penny said...

I'm just saying, he has such an imagination with the whole "in my past life" comments and now this whole Donald Pink, there is just no stopping this creative young boy. Someone came up with the benjamin button story didn't they?? Donald Pink is a story waiting to be written. :)

Chelsa said...

He does the whole "next" life thing all the time, especially when he is annoyed at me. "My next mom lives in my next house. She does not want me to go pee" and etc.