Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Happens

I definitely do not think that this blog is the right place to discuss politics or religion or much of anything other than how cute our kids are, and I am not going to do so now, except to say the following: the world changed this morning, and Max and Maggie are young enough that this new world will be the only one they ever remember or know. And I am so very, very, glad.

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Jen said...

On this very morning I was trying to wake Mason from his slumber and convince him to move from cozy bed to his car seat so I could go to work when he rolled over and said, "Leave me alone." I then tried, "We get to bring over our new present!" (A new Cat In The Hat Puzzle for him to build with his cousin) He rolled over, smiled, and said, "Obama's our new present!"

I think I may have laughed out loud!