Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Remember When I Could Get Through An Entire Shower Without Needing To Leap Out And Run, Trailing Soapy Water, To The Scene Of Some Sort Of Crime

Max (entering the bathroom from the vicinity of the living room) to Maggie (sitting on the bathroom floor, unravelling toilet paper while Mama is in the shower): Maggie! Hey Maggie!
Maggie: What is it?
Max: Come on, Maggie! Come on, let's go!
Maggie: I coming!
Max: Hurry, Maggie!
Maggie: What are you dooooing?
Max: I'm making a big mess in the living room! But we have to stop when Mama comes out. Come on, Maggie!
Maggie: Yeah, yeah, sure!
(sound of feet trotting down the hall, followed by distant maniacal laughter)

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Granny said...

I have yet to stop laughing over this one.