Friday, July 13, 2007

Worth A Thousand Words

Maggie is at that point in her babyhood where she is starting to smile and socialize a bit. Her smiles are beautiful, heart-stoppingly wonderful, and as photographically elusive as Sasquatch. If I may, I would like to invite you to travel with me on the rocky, obstacle-riddled, often disappointing path to capture and share a smile.

Phase One: Smile vanishes as soon as camera comes out. Infant replaces smile with guarded, wary expression.

Phase Two: Infant is reminded that the camera-holder is also the milk-maker, and considers capitulating in order to secure her hourly fix. Infant attempts to compromise with a pucker-face. Mama does not accept the compromise.

Phase Three: Infant teases with a giant grin that is whittled down to a minuscule smirk just as picture is taken.

Phase Four: Infant is forced to admit that Mama is sort of delightful, in spite of obsessive picture-taking.

Phase Five: Just as Mama is about to give up and put the camera away, Infant busts out the full-wattage, gums-out, complete-with-coo-of-delight bounty. Now, about that breast milk ...?

1 comment:

granny said...

There is a very mischievious glint to the twinkle in those baby blue eyes. The "cheekiness" genes run rampant on both sides...she didn't stand a chance of escaping.