Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Dillen Day!

Happy Birthday, Sisto! I wish you were not celebrating your birthday on the opposite side of the country, but know that I am celebrating with you in spirit. Max took his first taste of dill pickle today in your honor. (He did not care for it.) Thank you for your unconditional and absolute support and love, which helped me to feel like I might, with luck, survive this whole two babies thing. I love you muchly, as do we all.


Jabbertrack said...

I hate dill pickles... Merritt absolutely LOVES them though.

oh and Happy Birthday !

Chelsa said...

How can you not like dill pickles? I just asked Max the same question, and he said, "Mama? Dada work? Work. Mama no baby? Mama Max." I did find his answers enlightening, but not very on-target topic-wise. Perhaps you can shed more light?

dillen said...

my thoughts were with you too!!!
I love you dearly. I couldn't have a more wonderful sister.
I didn't eat pickles for my birthday, tho i intend to share my love of them with Max on the next visit. we will work on the pleasureful pucker.

love and kisses
your sisto D